Why is defining your Brands purpose and Values Important

Why is defining your Brands purpose and Values Important


Did You Know an Interesting Fact?

About eighty to ninety percent of the people forget branded content in three days.So that’s what statistics say. But think about this for a bit. The attention span of anybody who’s online nowadays has reduced.. There is so much of noise and distraction around, So forget three days, people will forget about a brand in maybe 5 to 10 minutes.

This is where defining your brands purpose and values become very important.You got to connect with your audience on a emotional level.

It’s a known fact that most of the people out there make buying decisions based on emotions and their perception of the brand. 

Don’t you think so??
Haven’t you personally experienced this? 

You purchased something, and after a while, you started wondering why you purchased it and then start to question, whether it is actually required.

We are emotional beings and we all make buying decisions based on emotions.

You may already be running a business, or maybe you are about to get into the Internet world to build your own business.If you are starting off, its great. Its always good to start well. But if you are already in the business, then you need to check about all the things you are doing right now.

  • Does your products and services align with your brand’s purpose?
  • Does it align with your Brand’s Vision?
  • Does it align with your Brand’s Mission?
  • Does it align with your Brand’s Core Values?
  • And most important, does it resonate with your Target Audience?

So here are the 7 ways to make your Brand stand out

Brands Vision

Defining a brand’s vision will help you get clarity on what your brand is about, what it stands for and where it’s going. It will serve you as a compass which will guide you and yourcompany to a specific destination or a goalIt will help you set a courseand it will provide a sense of purpose.

This vision is not about your personal goal,This vision is more on your company’s goal.More on how you want people to perceive your company, let’s say, in another five years. SSo if you have not defined your vision yet, define it.

So you have set your vision. Next comes your mission. Brands Mission is something that you will be doing to make that vision a reality. Mission is the reason for Your Companies existence.

Brands Mission
Core Values

Having a Strong Value System is one of the most critical thing to define. Which is your company’s core values.This is where emotions come into picture. 

In an Internet abundance business the values you personally have will also become your company’s core values by default.Because here you are the brand and you are the business.So have a set of core values which resonates with you. And once you start functioning with these core values, it will also resonate with your audience.And you will be building a deeper emotional connect with your audience.

This is where most of the people get lost.Everybody focuses on creating products and services which they feel is going to be valuable and is going to sell. But truth of the matter is, what actually sells is a solution to a very specific problem someone, somewhere is facing.So you got to create a product and a service around that.And you got to make sure that they also align with your vision, mission and your core values. 

I am a big advocate of journey products. Products which helps someone to go through a journey. And not just sell a single product. I did a podcast on this few days ago Where I speak about why I moved from selling single products to journey products. 

Brand Identity

Create a World Class Brand Identity.This is where some of the coaches and top influencers may disagree with me. But its a FACT!!

Who ever Disagrees, check their own Brand Identities. It will not be shabby!!!

Some say success is Shabby.
You don’t need to have a great Website.
You don’t need to have beautiful design creatives.
You don’t need to have a well edited video.
You don’t need to have a great logo
Just go live with whatever you got….

Think about this for a moment….

Will you buy any product or service from someone whose design creatives or their website is shabby?

That person might have the best product which is going to solve the problem that you have. But you will not even check their products because you have already judged the company just looking at the way the designs are,The website is, the logo is.

Designs are so powerful. So focus on your design creatives.Because that’s the first thing your potential customer is going to see.So make it world class.Either outsource it or do it yourself. It’s easy to create designs using simple tools. I call it Uncomplicated Designing.So create a world class brand identity using uncomplicated designing..

Providing Exceptional Support and Services is a no brainer. Provide exceptional support and service to your audience and your customers. Take feedbacks and work on it. If it is good appreciate and let them know. If the feedbacks are negative acknowledge it, Let them know and work on making things better.

Support and Service

Learning, Adapting and Innovating is the way to go. Technology changes fast.Way things work changes fast.Products get outdated. There are things which are never in your control. SSo you are learning must never stop. AAnd dont get stuck to old ways of thinking and running things. Adapt to new technologies and new ways of thinking. Innovate and evolve

Have you defined your Purpose and brand values yet?

So how important do you think defining your brand’s purpose and value is. Share your views in comments.

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