Hi there. This is Santhosh Shetty, I am an Ex-Corporate Employee, Ex-Conventional Businessman turned Uncomplicated Designer, an Internet Abundance Entrepreneur and the Founder of Design Clans. A community for Entrepreneues, Freelancers and Online Educators who love Freedom!

The Problem :  
One of the biggest problem I was facing when I was working as an Employee was not having any Time or Money Freedom. 

Was thanklessly working in a loop every single day without any real direction in life until life slapped me.

Lost a lot of money in 2012 due to a very bad decision I took. Got into debts, took loans to clear money taken from people who close to me. 

Banks started harassing me for payment after that 

Was living a stressful life but still working a fancy corporate Job in a loop. It felt like I am on a Leash all the time.

Being an employee is a thankless job. Working in a loop day after day without any direction in life. 

For what?? To retire in late 50’s??

And do what??? 

I decided thats not what I would want to do. Thats not the life of true freedom.I dont want to retire cause there is nothing else to do. I want to continue being active and doing something as long as I am alive. And most importantly doing what I love.

Seeker and Explorer : 
Became a Seeker of true Freedom and started Exploring opportunities. Started researching, checked multiple courses online, invested in Network marketing companies, MLM opportunities. Nothing happened other than loosing more money. 

And the debt was piling up. Life was getting very difficult and extremely stressful. It was affecting relationships as well with my immediate family.

So took a bold and a risky decision to go full time entrepreneur in 2014. Quit my paying Job. Had to quit because of the debts. Cleared it with the money i had collected over the years. Also my salary was not going to clear my debts. 

Last day in office

WAR IS OVER!!Thats what my shirt reads. 
My last day in Office!! There was this nice send off from my colleagues. 

One phase of my life was done. Onto the next phase..
Started with taking up digital marketing projects. Did help multiple businesses with Branding, designing and marketing solutions. Then along with one of my Friend and Business Partner decided to build our own business around hospitality.

Oh My Good Hercules!!!
The grind here was insane. Worse than my corporate job. There was money to be made. Money to show as a Business. But personally nothing.

Seriously NOTHING!!
Sometimes 5K. Can you imagine??

But the work had gone from 9 hours a day to almost 24 hours. I could get a Sales call anytime. I may have to visit my properties and stay there almost once in a week. No Freedom at all!

At home people annoyed with me being on the phone all the time. But there was a Dream. There was a goal. There was that beautiful motivation in my mind which was Abundance. Never gave up. Went through the grind for the bigger purpose in life.

Hospitality was going ok and we were on a decent trajectory as a business till 2019 Covid happened. Our entire business went into a huge loss because of the lockdowns and it never recovered.

That feeling of defeat again.Cannot put in words how i felt showing my face to my family again. 
Family and people again looking at me with pity like a looser. Cannot even put it in words how it felt. Worst place I have ever been.

All that knowledge and skill but nothing in Bank. Back to debts and owning money to people. That was it!!

This was the time I realise as any working professional, be it a employee or the employer there was risk. I had been on both sides. And that was not a life which could give true freedom. 

I thought running a hospitality business would give me Time and Money Freedom. But I was wrong.

Started looking for a way which can help me build a business which can give time and money freedom. 

Also easily scalable. 

Only business there is and there always will be is when you go online with digital products. That is becoming an online Entrepreneur.

Started looking for people who are already doing it. Started learning from them. Invested in their courses and systems without any second thoughts. And finally started putting the pieces of puzzle together from what i learnt and using my own knowledge and skills aquired since 2013.

It was like a EUREKA moment!!
Finally found a way to build a sustainable, scalable business which can transform anyone. 

I was someone who always loved helping people since i was a Kid. That was what got me into trouble in 2012 :). 

But this time I knew it was different.

This time I only had to share my knowledge, skill and experience to people who are going through similar experiences like I used to. 

If there was a Mentor i had those days who would have guided me in the right direction it would have been a game changer for me. 

Hard work was never a problem, Problem was knowing what to do.

Now my path and journey is crystal clear with Internet Abundance Business.I called this new method as the Internet Abundance System. A system which can help people achieve freedom if they really want to. 


This got me into creating a community called Design Clans.A place where people can access courses, services on Designing, Marketing and most importantly how to grow a sustainable Online Business.

And in the process transform many lives over the globe!

My Journey has begun and is ongoing. When are you starting??


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