Hi there. This is Santhosh Shetty, I am an Ex-Corporate Employee turned Solo Entrepreneur. Also the Founder of Design Clans where is help people learn skills to become Solo Entrepeneur like me.

Why I started this journey of being an Entrepreneur :  
One of the biggest problem I was facing when I was working as an Employee was not having any Time or Money Freedom. Was thanklessly working in a loop every single day without any real direction in life until life slapped me.

Lost a lot of money in 2012 due to a very bad decision I took. Got into debts, took loans to clear money taken from people who were close to me. Banks started harassing me for payment after that 

Was living a stressful life but still working a fancy corporate Job in a loop. It felt like I am on a Leash all the time.Being an employee is a thankless job. Working in a loop day after day without any direction in life. And over that the feeling that you would be asked to leave anytime considering lay offs.

So I decided thats not what I would want to do. Thats not the life to be a part of. There is no fun in it. Its like living with fear of loosing everything all of a sudden.

So i decided to become an Entrepreneur.I wanted to create something around what i love doing. Designing was something i always loved however my job + regular life had taken that away from me. I only used to design for fun playing with different design softwares for many many years.

Becoming a Seeker of opportunities : 

Became a Seeker and started Exploring opportunities. Started researching, checked multiple courses online, invested in Network marketing companies, MLM opportunities. Nothing happened other than loosing more money. 

And the debt was piling up. Life was getting very difficult and extremely stressful. It was affecting relationships as well with my loved ones. So in 2013 started taking up small time design jobs to make some extra money while working. Started with designing logos, then wordpress websites and so on..

Was surprised to see the kind of requirement the world had for designers and marketers. So was considering going full time. Only trouble was my salary would stop. That was a fixed income but this was an unexplorerd area for me.

So took a bold and a risky decision to go full time entrepreneur in 2014. Quit my paying Tech Job. Cleared some of my debts with the money i had collected over the years. And just like that i jumped into Entrepreneurship!

Last day in office

WAR IS OVER!!Thats what my shirt reads. 
My last day in Office!! There was this nice send off from my colleagues. I had spent alsmot 10 years of my life working there. Made some friends who i am still in touch with. 

Anyways one phase of my life was done. 
Started a design agency and started taking up digital marketing projects. Did help multiple businesses with Branding, designing and marketing solutions. Then along with one of my Friend and Business Partner decided to build our own business around hospitality. Did not want to run two businesses at a time so stopped running our digital marketing agency.

The grind here in hospitaity was insane. Worse than my corporate job. There was money to be made. Money to show as a Business. But personally making nothing.Everything going back into business. Absolutely no money and time.

Seriously NOTHING!!
Sometimes 5K and sometimes nothing. Can you imagine??

But the work had gone from 9 hours a day to almost 24 hours. I could get a Sales call anytime. I may had to visit my properties and stay there almost once in a week. No Freedom at all!

At home people started getting annoyed because of me being on the phone all the time. But there was a Dream and a goal. True Freedom.  Never gave up. Went through the grind..

Hospitality was going ok and we were on a decent trajectory as a business till 2019 Covid happened. Our entire business went into a huge loss because of the lockdowns and it never recovered.

“That feeling of defeat again”

But here is the thing my friend. We can loose money but we can NEVER EVER loose knowledge and skills. I could have easily restarted my hospitality business or the Digital marketing agency. Did not want to. No control in that. I was not happy working with partners or employees anymore. Feels like there is no control in running the business. 

So i decided to become a Solo Entrepreneur. Without an office, employee or business partners.

So this  phase of my life was getting back to my roots, getting back to what i really love doing.And that was designing. Designing and providing solutions to businesses. 

There is a big problem out there when it comes to branding and designing. There are millions of businesses and millions of freelancers. Very few are passionate about what they do. Some do it only for money and  some do it because they genuinely want to help businesses along with making money. 

I always preferred helping people and businesses. Because if we do that successfully then money will come. Quality over quantity give us success. 

So here is my mission personally. I have two things i will dedicate myself from now on

1) Help Entrepreneurs create World Class Brands.
2)And if someone wants to follow my path teach them how to become a Solo Entrepeneur.

My personal website is for Entrepeneurs. The website you are looking at. And if you are someone who is looking to be a Solo Entrepreneur like me then join my Clan here.

So thats where I am when i write this. Will update this as i go through my journey. For now if you are a business check my services and portfolio out. And if you are someone like me whi wants true freedom then join Design Clans.


Power to you!!

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