In this Podcast, You will learn why I stopped selling stand alone products and rebranded by business into selling Journey Products.
So whatever business niche is this is something you will find very useful in your own business as well. This works and it can reduce burn outs!!

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You. Hey, what’s up? This is Santhosh Shetty here and welcome to the Internet Abundance Podcast. This podcast was called as. Learn, Create, Grow. Before this and I had completed about 44 episodes as Learn, Create, Grow. But now I have rebranded my entire business and the entire company. So from now on, it’s going to be called as Internet Abundance Podcast. Now this podcast is on why I went from selling stand products to journey products. If you do not know what these two things are and you do not know the difference between it, I will explain it to you in a bit.

Before we begin, a quick intro. My name is Santosheti. I am an ex corporate employee and an ex businessman turned Internet Abundance entrepreneur. I help working professionals achieve freedom by helping them learn how to build a profitable business on the internet. So all my topics in the Internet Abundance Podcast is going to be on how to build a profitable business online using your knowledge and your skills.

So, let’s start with a standalone product. Any product which helps you learn just one single thing or one single skill is a standalone product, a single product. So if I have to give you an example, let’s say something like learning Facebook ads. If you enroll into any course which teaches you just Facebook ads, then that is a standalone product. It’s not a journey product. The problem with creating products like that is, see, I have created products and I have got sales as well with selling single products. But the problem with that is you are all over the place. You are doing too many things, you have a lot of lot of knowledge and there are multiple products that you can create.

Now, creating funnels, creating sales pages, creating lead capture pages and all of this for multiple products, right? It doesn’t help, it causes a burnout. It takes a lot out of you. So I wanted to create something which was where I can focus on just one single thing and not focus on multiple things all over the place. And not just that. I wanted to help people not just learn one skill. I wanted to help them go through a journey which will help them reach their dream goal with teaching them one skill. What is happening is if I’m teaching them a design skill, then I’m only teaching them design skill. It’s not helping them, it’s just helping them learn design, but it’s not helping them reach their desired life goal.

That is why I thought journey products are much more powerful. So, creating a journey product is like you create a series of products which help your customer go from point A to point B. In my case, I help working professionals go from knowing nothing to creating their products, to launching their business, to running traffic into their business and finally scaling their business. So this entire journey, right, there are multiple products that can be connected and all these products become part of their journey. And that’s why it’s called journey products.

And the best way you can create this system of giving journey products is when you have memberships. Now, when you have membership, you are focusing only on one thing that is getting people to the front end of the funnel. Or the first front end of the funnel will be like a pre membership, you can call it. So that one, let them come in, let them become aware of what’s possible, let them listen to you, let them assess whether you are the right person to help them go through this journey. And then depending on that, they can go ahead and start their journey with you.

So this I personally felt was a better product to create than create a single product. I hope that makes sense to you. The biggest advantage of a journey product is, like I said, the focus is going to be just one thing selling your free membership or selling your low cost membership. That’s it. And once they are part of your system, then you can always offer them better things like upgrading memberships and stuff. Not upselling, but helping them go through this journey.

What kind of products are you selling? Are they standalone products or are they journey products? And what do you think is better? A standalone product or a journey product? Put your creative and logical mind together and think about it and you’ll get a clear vision of what works better. All right, that’s about it. That’s all I had to say today. If you like this podcast, give me a like and give me a five stars. And if you found it useful, don’t forget to share it with somebody who would find it useful as well. And follow the Internet Abundance podcast in any of the music platforms like YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and so on.

And if you’re interested in going through this journey, which I just spoke about, the Internet Abundance Journey, then what you can do is you can access the Internet Abundance Blueprint. First, you become aware of what is possible, only then decide whether you want to go ahead with the journey. For awareness. I have a blueprint. It’s called the Internet abundance blueprint. You can access it by going to san2.in/blueprint

It will take you to a page where it will ask you to enroll to the Design Clan membership as a VIP member. Go ahead, enroll it’s for free. You don’t have to pay anything. Like I said, it’s the front part of my journey product. So go ahead, enroll. Become a VIP member. Once you’re done with that, you will also be able to book a call with me, a one on one call where we can discuss and I’ll help you get clarity and you can assess whether you are clear and whether you are ready to go through this journey, Me.

Not just that. There are many more things that you’re going to get, so check them out. Okay, so that’s it for today. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. This is Santosheti here. I’ll see you soon.

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