Five tips to make your brand stand out online

In this Podcast you will learn the Top 5 Ways of making your Personal Brand Stand out online.

0:00:01 Introduction to the Internet Abundance Podcast
0:00:33 Importance of creating a brand strategy and emotional connection
0:01:24 Elements of a world class brand identity
0:02:37 Tips for building a professional website
0:04:05 Importance of being authentic and unique
0:05:25 Building a powerful support system for your brand
0:06:19 Creating success stories and making a difference
0:07:57 Conclusion

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Hey, what’s up? Welcome to the Internet Abundance Podcast. And in today’s podcast, you’re going to learn five ways or five tips to make your brand stand out online. And hi, this is Santhosh Shetty here and I’m an Internet Abundance entrepreneur and I help working professionals achieve freedom by helping them build a profitable business online. So if you’re someone who’s stuck with the daily grind of life, then I highly, highly recommend that you follow my podcast because this podcast is going to have tips tutorials on building a business on the Internet.

Okay, then let’s get to the episode. All right, the first thing is going to be creating a brand strategy. So when you’re building a personal brand on the Internet, you need to position yourself properly. You got to have a very strong, strong, honest and authentic backstory of who you were, why you got into this, how you began, and where you are right now. And one of the reason for this backstory is to create an emotional connect with your audience.

When you’re building a personal brand, it’s very important. You need to connect emotionally with your audience. If you don’t connect emotionally, then your brand is going to fail. So work on a very strong backstory and yeah, most important thing is don’t lie, be honest, be authentic. People are going to connect with you. So based on your backstory, create a vision and a mission statement for your company.

And second thing would be create a world class brand identity. So when we are talking about brand identity, there are a lot of elements to it. The most important thing would be brand colors. That is the kind of colors that you use based on your business niche. Every business niche has colors associated with it psychologically. So make sure you do your research and find out what are the colors that you can use for your business niche. Similarly, fonts, even fonts, there are different kinds of font which can evoke certain kind of emotions from your audience. So choose your fonts carefully depending on what kind of business you are into and then the brand logo.


Don’t settle for a very basic logo. Nowadays. There are a lot of websites out there where you can create professional logos without spending a lot. Even if you go to any of these freelance websites, you’ll be able to hire a freelancer who will be able to create a great looking logo for a very low cost. That is, if you’re in a budget. If you have a budget, then you can always hire a professional designer to make a great logo. Done. Having said that, you can always try free logo makers online.

You can try Canva. Canva has lot of templates where you’ll be able to create logos. And there is another software that I mean, online tool that I had used. It is called Luca. L-O-O-K-A. Okay, you can try that out as well. So these places you’ll get a fair idea of how your logo is going to look and it’s going to give you some inspirations on how your logo is going to be. So based on that, you can either finalize a logo right there or you can create a logo based on some of these options that you have got.

And the fourth thing is build a world class website. This is like there is no excuse to building a very shabby website. Your website has to look good because this is your digital home. And whenever somebody goes to your website, right, if the website is not good, they will not even look at your product. They will just close out of it. Don’t let customers or your audience judge you or your product even before they try your product or even before they go through your content.

Just because your designs are bad on your website, don’t do that. So make sure you have a professional website built. You can do it either by outsourcing or you can even build it on your own. It’s very easy to build website nowadays. There are a lot of these drag and drop tools that you can use to build. I personally use WordPress and elementor pro. Okay? The third thing is going to be be authentic and unique. This is extremely important.

Don’t try to be somebody you are not. If you are following somebody online and if you like them, don’t try to be them. Be yourself. Because that is unique. Nobody is like you in this world. You are the only person who can be you. So be as unique as possible. And however you talk to your friends or your colleagues or anybody that you come across, right? Keep that same energy and talk the same way. Don’t try to be over enthusiastic or too energetic or anything on a call, I mean on a podcast or on a YouTube video. Because what can happen is you’ll have to maintain that after that because people will be connecting with you, looking at your energy, right? So don’t try to be someone else. It can create a lot of confusion and it’s going to create a lot of stress to you as well. Because to maintain that energy.

So be yourself, be authentic the way you are. That is more than enough. There are a lot of people in this world who will be able to connect with you the way you are, okay? So stay authentic and unique. And the fourth one is build a powerful support system. You can create a support system by having your own private groups. One would be Facebook group. You can have a Telegram group or WhatsApp group.

And you can have a LinkedIn group. Or you can also have your own member platform. If that is the kind of business that you’re building, then create a member platform, have a forum there and support whoever is in your system. Whoever has purchased products from you. If they have any questions, if they have any doubts, make sure you answer every single one of them. Okay? So support like this can go a long way in building trust in trust in the online world.

And the fifth one would be create Success Stories and make a difference out there. See, you can talk about yourself and your brand and your product as much as you want, but when someone else talks about it online about you, that has more weightage and that is super, super powerful. So create success stories, help people get what they want. And when you have more people talking about you, your business will automatically grow.

So these are the top five tips to make your brand stand out online. There are many more if you want to add, but these are the top five. When you are building a personal brand online, when you’re building a startup, or when you’re building a business for a physical product or something like that, there might be additional things that you need to do. But what you have learned in this podcast is for you. When you are going to build a business for yourself, and if you have not started building a business online but you would like to, you are fed up with the daily grind of life and you want to achieve freedom, then there is a way to do it. I call it Internet abundance business.

So what you can do is you can enroll into one of my free webinars. The link to my webinar would be san Two meregister. I’ll also leave that in the description. It’s san S-A-N. Number two. Meregister. Okay? So you can go ahead and register and sign up to the webinar for free and you can meet me live there. And I will be revealing the secrets of Internet Abundance business over there. And not just that, I will also share some cool gifts with you just for being part of that webinar.

All right? So if you got value from this podcast, give me a like and a Five Stars and share it with someone who will find this useful and follow the Internet Abundance Podcast in any of the music podcasting platforms out there. So that’s it for today. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. This is Santhosh Shetty here from the Internet Abundance Podcast. Have a wonderful day, my friend. See you soon.



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