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Here are the 4 Best platforms to acquire any skill that you want. I also speak about my favorite and my recommendation. So whatever your budget is for learning there is a place where you can learn. There is always Youtube for free learning but its unstructured and can get confusing. These 4 platforms will give you structured content for learning and acquiring any Skill.

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0:00:02 : Hey, this is Santhosh. And welcome to the Learn Create, Grow Podcast. And in today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about the four best online platforms you can acquire skills from in 2023. The first three are pop online platforms and the fourth one is probably one of the best I can say. It will make sure that you acquire the skill correctly and from somebody who’s really, really experienced with what they are doing.

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0:01:08 : Now, if you go to Google and if you type whatever skill you want to acquire, you’re going to see a lot of websites that will come up on the front page. Now, it can be very confusing on which website to go to acquire that particular skill. But here are the four best ways or the best online platforms. I can say where you can acquire whatever skill that you want. All right, so one of the most popular online platform out there is called Udemy. If you’re not aware of it, try this out. Go to www.udemy.com. That is Udemy.

0:01:46 : Once you go here, you’re going to find a search bar and search for whatever skill that you want over here. And the cost is going to be super cheap. It’s not going to be very expensive. Even if the instructor or the person who has uploaded that course has put high charges for any of his courses, his or her courses, Udemy is going to get those charges down. They have a deals program. So as for that deals program, they’re going to get the cost down and you will be able to enroll into any program that you want at a very, very low price.

0:02:26 : And in Udemy, there is no subscription. It is pay as you go. Depending on which course you want to learn. You can pay for that course and you can enroll and start learning. The second-best online platform that I have come across is called Skillshare. Skillshare works a little different compared to Udemy. Now, you might find the same instructors that are in Udemy in Skillshare as well. And you might find same courses or similar courses in Skillshare.

0:02:55 : So Skillshare works on a subscription model. They have an annual subscription, which is about 1924 or 1000 and 923 Indian rupees. Okay, so you can go to Skillshare and sign up for free and use their trial. And then once the trial period is expired, they’re going to tell you how much it is going to cost in your country. Okay? Or you just convert 1000 and 923 into your own currency. The price is going to be around that. The annual membership is going to be around that.

0:03:33 : For people in India, it’s going to be thousand, 923. This is as of today, while I am creating this podcast, this is Feb 23, 2023. At the time of creating this podcast. This is what the pricing is. It might change, it might go up, it might come down. So it is always good to go to Skillshare.com and check the prices yourself. The third course platform that is pretty good is called LinkedIn Learning. Now LinkedIn Learning has a monthly plan and also has an annual plan.

0:04:06 : So even in LinkedIn you might find the same people who are uploading in Udemy and Skillshare and you might find the same courses or similar courses in what you find in Udemy and Skillshare. Apart from that, you will also find courses by working professionals in LinkedIn Learning. And most of the courses that are used that are in LinkedIn Learning are used by top companies out there, top MNCs out there to teach their own employees and upgrade their skill.

0:04:40 : So these are the top three course platforms where you can acquire or upgrade your skills. Now here is the fourth one. This is not exactly a course platform, but these will be very private platforms which will be created by niche experts. So if you are looking to acquire a skill in marketing, then you will find people who are experts in what they’re doing. Let’s take an example of Facebook marketing.

0:05:08 : Now if you search for Facebook Marketing courses, apart from this course platforms, you will also see a lot of people selling their own courses. You will find them in Facebook as well. Sorry. Not in Facebook. In YouTube. Facebook also, but mostly in YouTube. If you go to YouTube and search for any questions on Facebook Marketing, there will be a lot of these people who will show up and teaching some stuff for free.

0:05:37 : If you click on those videos and check the videos, if you like what they teach, you will get a fair idea of how good they are in Facebook Marketing and just look at the description, you will be able to find their own courses. Now these people are unique. Not all are good. There are a few people who are really good at this and whatever they are teaching, they are teaching from their own experience. So they have gone through failures and they have gone through trials and errors and come up with these courses.

0:06:13 : So these are the best people that you can learn or acquire skill from whatever skill that you require. And it’s pretty difficult to find the right person for a particular skill. But keep an eye out. You will find these guys usually pop up in Facebook or YouTube ad and you will also find them in YouTube videos. They’ll have their own channel talking about the particular talking about a particular niche or particular skill.

0:06:45 : Just by looking at the number of videos they have done and the kind of videos they are done, you will get a fair idea of their expertise on a particular subject. And trust me, these are the best people you can acquire skill from compared to Udemy Skillshare or LinkedIn Learning. Why I say this is in Udemy Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning you also find people who are not experts uploading courses over there, people who have not gone through the trial and error method, people who have not gone through the entire process of going through failures, understanding why it’s failed. And basically you can say street smart kind of acquiring skills. So this kind of skill you will only find through these niche experts which are there.

0:07:33 : So a little difficult to find them. But keep an eye out for all the ads that show up in different social platforms and you can also check if you can find them on YouTube or even Google. Actually you may have to do a little bit of research depending on what is the skill that you want to acquire. So these are the four best online platforms or the four best way to acquire different skills in 2023. Now, these niche experts are going to be expensive. They are not going to be cheap because they know, they are sure that once you go through their courses, you are going to get good at that particular skill.

0:08:12 : And if you’re somebody who is not for niche experts and you don’t have the money to spend and you would like to go through one of these online platforms, then here is a suggestion. See if you are going to Udemy, then you pay per course. Okay? So that will be the best place where you can upgrade your skills. If you’re looking for maybe one or two skills, then just go ahead and enroll into program in Udemy. If you’re somebody who is looking to continuously learn and continuously upgrade your skill, let’s say in a year, you might enroll into maybe seven, eight programs then in that case, I would recommend you either sign up to Skillshare on an annual subscription or LinkedIn Learning on annual or a monthly subscription. That will make more sense because you won’t be paying per course, you’ll be only paying for the subscription and you will be able to use or enroll into as many programs as you want.

0:09:12 : It actually works much cheaper when you have already planned to go through multiple courses. So that’s about it. All important links are in the description. So if you like this episode and if you found value from it, don’t forget to review and give me a five star 80. And if you think there is somebody you know who would also find value out of this episode, please share this episode with them so that they can also go through this episode and understand the best online platforms or the best way to acquire skills in 2023. And don’t forget to follow my podcast. I’m available in Apple Podcast platform, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music and many others as well. And if you want to join my private group for entrepreneurs, it is Design Clans. Just go to Facebook.com and search for the group design plans and send me an invite request.

0:10:06 : I’ll add you into the group. That’s about it for today. Thank you so much for listening to the episode. This is Santhosh, and have a wonderful day. Bye.

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