In this Episode You will Discover 3 Best places online which can be used for Data Storage and Sharing. I have been using this for the past Few years and I highly recommend you try it. All are for free However of you want more data storage then I have few suggestions for You in the Episode Go and Listen NOW! 

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0:00:44 : All right, so today’s episode is going.

0:00:46 : To be on where to store your data online. Now, this is a very interesting thing. I used to store my data on hard drives, but we think that it is going to be super safe. But you never know when your hard drive is going to crash. And once it crashes, it’s pretty difficult to recover your data.

0:01:04 : And if you want to recover your.

0:01:05 : Data, you’ll have to give it to a data recovery center and it’s going to be pretty expensive. And you’ll end up spending a lot of money to recover your data. These recovery centers are going to charge you per GB, okay? And if your hard drive is going to be one TB, then it’s going to be pretty expensive, trust me.

0:01:25 : So where do you store it?

0:01:26 : The best place to store data nowadays is cloud storage.

0:01:29 : Yeah, I know you might think that.

0:01:33 : Using cloud storage or trying to store your data anywhere online, it’s not safe. Yes, it is not safe. But if you are online and if you are accessing social media or if you are browsing the Internet, then your data is out there, my friend. Somebody somewhere has your phone number, your email address, your address. They know what you’re doing. And all of these information are being collected and there’s nothing any of us can do. This is happening.

0:02:00 : You are Apple user or not, it.

0:02:03 : Is happening, so stop worrying about that.

0:02:06 : Nothing crazy is going to happen. Your data is anyway there. If you’re so worried or paranoid about data, then you’ll have to stop using Internet, which you will not do. I will not do. That is not going to happen anyways. Right. Because Internet has become part of our life anyways.

0:02:23 : Now, if you want to make it difficult for somebody to access your data.

0:02:27 : Then there are services that you can use. There is Google drive. Google Drive, although everybody uses it’s, a secure environment. And all these big storage companies, they make life difficult for hackers or for anyone who wants to access your online data. So companies like Google drive companies like Dropbox. These are good places where you can store data.

0:02:51 : Now, when it comes to Google Drive.

0:02:52 : If you are in using the free version of Google or free Gmail, you get up to five GB of storage space.

0:03:02 : Now you can use that to store.

0:03:03 : Your important documents, your important videos or your pictures, which you don’t want to lose. And you can store it over there. And once it touches five GB, they have an option where you can purchase more storage as well. Depending on the storage size you pick, you’ll have to pay Google. Similarly, Dropbox also works the same way. Now, Dropbox gives you up to, I think, two GB or five GB. I am not very sure right now. I think it’s about two GB of yeah, it is two GB of online storage. So after two GB you’ll have to upgrade it and they have two TB options.

0:03:46 : And even more, okay, it’s a yearly subscription that they have and it’s about four and a half to 5000. It’s around that in India. Now, that pricing is pretty interesting. If you are looking at a two TB hard drive, an SSD hard drive, it’s going to be pretty expensive. The only thing is it might go more than one year, two year, three year, or even four years. That is the good thing. It can also crash in three to four months. So there is no guarantee.

0:04:15 : Most of the hard drives go pretty long, but with cloud storages, the advantage is you will not lose your data. Whatever happens, your data is going to be there because they use storage technologies to make sure your data is secure as well and you are not going to lose it. So that is the security you have when it comes to cloud storage.

0:04:40 : So it is always good.

0:04:41 : You use a service like Google Drive and a service like Dropbox to store your important data. If you are somebody who creates a lot of videos for courses and stuff like that, it is always safe to store your data in these places than a local hard drive or in your system, or maybe an external hard drive. Because if it crashes, all that work you put into creating all those things is gone. You don’t want that to happen, right? So it’s always better to use these services.

0:05:14 : If you’re a freelancer or a designer.

0:05:15 : There are a couple of options that you have. One is you can use the service and share data access to your client directly from here. Or you can try something called as. We transfer. So this is a website. They have a service where you’ll be able to transfer large files up to two GB. If the file size is about two GB, then you’ll have to purchase their subscription as well. So most of the times it’s not going to cross two GB and if it crosses, then break it up into files. Each of maybe two GB size and send it to your client. Okay, very useful. Try it out. It’s

0:05:59 : So that’s about it.

0:06:00 : These are the three places I highly recommend google Drive, Dropbox and Vtransfer.

0:06:05 : So check them out today.

0:06:06 : There are other cloud storage services as well, but I highly recommend these three. They have been there for quite some time. I have personally used it and so far I haven’t had any problem with them. And yeah, one more thing is Google Workspaces. If you have Google Workspaces then you will get 30 GB of storage space from Google and that is something I have been using as well for the past three years now.

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0:07:21 : This is Santhosh. Have a wonderful day. Bye.

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