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Learn to Create Stunning 3D Mockups with Uncomplicated Designing.

NOT JUST  save money for your Business but ALSO be able to add Multiple Revenue Streams by Freelancing.

Regular Price : 2499 ₹

This is a Total No-Nonsense, No-Fluff, ,Over the Shoulder,High Quality Uncomplicated Mockup Designing Training with easy to use tools. and methods.
  ***P.S ***: This is a Limited Time Pre-Launch Offer for early enrollments for the course at over 80% discounted price.

What You WILL Get

Discover Mockup Designing Tools

Uncomplicated Designing Tools

DISCOVER the Most Powerful Mockup Design Tools available to Create 3D Mockups on Demand like MAGIC!.

Explore Mockup Designing Lab

GET ACCESS to more than 25 Video Walkthrough Tutorials on Creating Different 3D Mockup Designs.

Design Tutorial Request

Design Tutorial Request

REQUEST for Specific Mockup Design Tutorials to be Created. These will be added in Mockup Design Lab.

Q and A Space

Q and A Space (1)

GET ACCESS to the Space where all Questions and Doubts are Answered

Private FB Group

Private Fb Group Access

PRIVATE ACCESS to the Design Clans FB Community Group. Get Support from me Directly on Chat.


Private Fb Group Access (1)

LIFETIME ACCESS to UMD and any updates done on the Product in the future. So You pay only Once..

Meet Your Trainer

Uncomplicated Mockup Designing

I am Santhosh Shetty.I am an Entrepreneur and an Uncomplicated Designer.

Have been Creating 3D Mockups for my own business and other Businesses for few years . And I have been doing it without using any Complex Tools. It gives me the ability to Save Money and Time + Earn additional income Sources.

In this Course I will Share my Secrets on How I  am able to Create 3D Stunning 3D Mockups Faster, Better and On- Demand.


I want you to have the flexibility of going through the course at your own pace and Time. So it’s not a Live Class or Workshop. This is a series of Pre Recorded Sessions and Modules you will have Lifetime Access to.

As of now there are 28 different 3D Mockup Design Tutorials. There will be more whenever I get a Design Request or I decide to add a Module which I feel will be valuable to you.

There is a very HIGH DEMAND for Mockup Designs in the Freelance Space. Check Freelance Websites like Fiverr, Freelancer,99 designs and more to get an idea of How much you can get paid per Project. If you happen to complete EVEN ONE Project/GIG  you will earn more than the Price you paid for this Course. Not just that You can also earn by taking up Mockup Design Projects Locally.

This is a One Time Payment and does not include any additional fees Except Government Taxes(GST) depending on where you are located. 

Instamojo Payment Gateway : Has a minimal convenience Fee which you will see during payment. 
Razorpay : No fees included but currently facing UPI issues.

Want to avoid both?
and pay only 249 + tax?
Reach me on Messenger : https://m.me/designclans
You can do a direct UPI Transfer.

NO. I am going to show you Mockup Designing using Free and Paid Tools. 

However I will recommend some paid options in the course which I personally use. However Buying this is optional.

This is one of the most asked question. So here is the truth. 

1 : Although I have been an Entrepreneur since 2012, I recently started venturing into the Online Business Space. So keeping my Price very low than it should be as I want more people to Experience the Quality of my courses. This will help me get more Testimonials, Reviews and Credibility. So this is just a Launch Price and its a Win-WIN. I intend to increase prices of all my courses in sometime.

2 : I suggest Paid tools along with Free Tools during the Program. I share my affiliate links as an option for your to purchase. If you use any of those links to purchase then will get a commission. However using my affiliate link if your choice and not mandatory. You are free to Access the same tools without my affiliate links as well.

Once you Enroll you will  receive an email with instructions on How to Login to the Private members only Area. All Your enrolled Packs and Courses will be listed here.

I wanted to. But there are People Who misuse it because of the Nature of Access to the Program.  Because of which there is a No Refund Policy for this particular Product. I am confident it wont come to that but if you think you got 0 value out of this program, Then contact me on Social Media. Lets talk, Let me understand and I will help You Out..

I am BIG on Support and want to give you the Best Experience Possible once you are in my Community. You have DIRECT ACCESS to  me on Chat. You can contact me directly on any of the Social Platforms I am on. OR You can also send an email to support{{at}}designclans{{dot}}com.

Its Easy. Send me an email with Your GSTIN Name/Company Name , Company Address and GSTIN. I will create a GST Invoice and Mail it to you..

It means as Long as My Business Exists You will have Lifetime Access to the Product. Not just that You will also have ACCESS to any Updates I do and Any additional Modules I add in the future.

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