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What happens when you list your digital Course on Udemy. Here is my personal experience on what happened, What was the sale amount and How much money to expect out of sale. I personally got some chocking surprises here. You will too when you hear my experience. You will also learn How you should be using Udemy and How it can actually help you.

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0:00:01 : Hey, what’s up? Hope you’re doing great today. This is Santhosh here from the Learn Create Grow podcast. So there are multiple ways to generate revenue on the internet. When you’re growing your business on the internet, that is one of the ways by creating courses from your own knowledge and selling it online. There are multiple platforms you can sell this on, there are online platforms like Udemy Coursera Skillshare and you can also have also sell your courses on your own website.

0:00:29 : So my main intention is selling my courses on my website and also on my own course platform. But that is going to take some time because I need to build both of these to a level where I’ll be able to run traffic into it. So meanwhile I thought let me list my courses in these course platforms. So the best thing I thought was Udemy. I checked the Udemy website and there were a lot of traffic into that website. So that was the first thing I noticed because this can be a place which can also bring in traffic to my own digital world. So I thought let me list my course over here. Now the only problem with Udemy site is no matter what cost you’re going to put in there, you might put five k or three k mean I am talking in Indian rupees. So I had listed my course for 2004, nine I believe.

0:01:25 : And as soon as I listed I was pretty sure that Udemy is not going to sell it at that cost because they will be looking at generating revenue for themselves, right? So they will be working, they will be playing around with costing and understand the kind of traffic they are getting and they will be getting a price down to make the sale and every time a sale happens, they are going to keep a commission out of that sale as well. So I wasn’t sure what is the kind of commission Udemy takes. So I still wanted to test it out and I listed my course over there and it’s been about a month and initially I was not getting sale, which I expected because I was pretty new into Udemy and there were a lot of other people selling similar courses or the same kind of courses on Udemy. So it’s been close to a month now and I got a sale a couple of days ago and to my I wouldn’t say surprise, I was actually expecting it because I am also a student in Udemy. I had enrolled into a couple of other courses for myself. I just wanted to learn a few things about Facebook and Google Ads, you can say.

0:02:36 : So I had enrolled into a couple of other programs and when I enrolled I myself paid about 499 Indian rupees but the actual cost of the courses were about 3009 nine INR. So there is a big gap there and it’s a big difference over there. So I’m pretty sure the same thing happened with me. I had listed the course for 2004 nine, and they must have probably sold it for 499 or 799. I’m not very sure. But here is the scene. Okay, I checked.

0:03:10 : I logged into Udemy. I just wanted to see what’s the come, what’s the kind of commission they have taken, and to my shocking surprise, the sale, the what do you say? The amount that I made from that sale was one dollars and $0.43. That is such a disgrace. You can say, you know, for all that hard work that you put like months of planning and finally finishing the product and then listing it, and then somebody enrolling into the program, which is fine, but after that, what you get out of that sale is like it’s really pathetic.

0:03:54 : It’s very less. One point forty cents in Indian rupees might be about Rs150. That is for a sale of 799, you are getting 150. So how much so what kind of commission is Udemy keeping? That’s pretty high, right? That’s what I was wondering. Does not make sense at all. So if you’re somebody who is new and planning to list your course on Udemy, this is what you can expect from Udemy. This is the kind of sales you can expect from Udemy.

0:04:28 : You might get over a period of time. You will definitely get more sales and more people will enroll. So the only good thing out of this is you’re going to get free traffic into your digital world. People will get to know you. So it’s more about branding yourself. And in the process, you will also make money, but not so much. It’s going to be like bits and pieces. Okay? You are definitely not going to get the amount that you’re going to list out there. That is not going to happen because Udemy is going to get your price down and they are going to sell it at their own cost because they have to make money as well. Right? So that’s what’s going to happen.

0:05:10 : So Udemy is all about mass in the sense when there are a lot of people enrolling into your program, that is when it makes sense. A lot of people in a lesser time, that is when you will actually be able to make money out of Udemy. Or if you have multiple courses listed in Udemy, which is something I am going to test out as well. I have some more courses listed, which I am going to upload in Udemi and see what happens and test it for some more time.

0:05:39 : Having said that, there are a lot of people who are pretty successful in uploading courses and making money in Udemy as well. You can check. There are a lot of people who are getting more than 100,000 students and stuff like that. Okay? So that is also happening. 100,000 is a big number. And even if you make RS100 per 100,000, that’s a lot of money, but it’s not going to be in a short time. It’s definitely going to take a lot of time to get there.

0:06:12 : But here is the thing my friend. If you are somebody who is starting up, then Udemy is good to get traffic and to get exposure and also for more people to know about your brand. It’s good for all that, okay? Don’t expect a lot of money out of it. At least now, maybe in a few years you will see if you keep at it in Udemy. But the best way to earn from your own digital products or your own digital courses is sell it yourself.

0:06:44 : Sell it in your own website. Sell it in your own course platforms. There are multiple course platforms out there like Teachable Thinkific. I use Group Member because it’s a marketing suite and it has multiple apps connected to one single suite. And it’s not like a monthly subscription, it’s one time payment and lifetime access to everything that they have there. You can build websites, they have hosting space, they have email automations and autoresponders, they have group cart which is something like shopify.

0:07:20 : And they also have video hosting where you can host your own videos and stuff like that. I recently made a video on it as well, just about I think yesterday or yesterday in YouTube. So there I speak about video hosting platforms which are available. There all the free video hosting platforms and one of them is Groove. So go check that video out to get a better idea on what group can do. And these videos can be listed, can be uploaded to Group Member and you can create your own course platform and run your own traffic into your own course platform and make better revenues than listing it out in these learning platforms.

0:08:10 : So that’s about it for today. I thought I’ll share my experience with Udemy. See, this is still the beginning and this is what my experience has been with my first course and this is what happened with the sale. So as I move along in my entrepreneur journey, there are many more experiences that will come up and I’ll be pretty honest with it because I want you to learn from my experiences and my failures and also my successes. Okay?

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