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Tune in to learn how to remove unwanted backgrounds from your images and create visually appealing designs in no time.

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0:00:01 : Hey, what’s up? This is Santhosh Here. And welcome to the Learn, Create, Grow Podcast. I create podcasts around uncomplicated designing, marketing and basically on how to grow your business on the internet. So if you have not done this already, make sure you hit that follow or the subscribe button. And once you’re done with the episode, if you found value out of it, don’t forget to give me a five star rating and like the episode as well I really really appreciate yet. All right, so let’s get to the episode. So today you’re going to learn how to remove background from any image. There are a lot of tools out there which can do this. You can do it in Photoshop but doing it in Photoshop can get a little complicated and you can also do it with some of the online tools which are available.

0:00:42 : But the one that I recommend that you try out and it does a pretty good job in removing the background is Canva. There is so much Canva can do. If you look at my podcast and videos there’s so many designs that I have created and I talk about and most of them are done on Canva itself. So this is one of the features in Canva where you will be able to remove background from your own image and it’s a one click removal. You don’t have to do anything crazy just upload your image. And then there is this go to Edit image and in Edit image you will find background remover click on it, just one single click and it will remove whenever you upload any image right in Canva, whenever you want to remove the background make sure your background is lit up. That helps Canva to trace your picture in the image and remove the background much more efficiently.

0:01:35 : If your background is pretty dark and if you are also blending with your background then that will make camera will still remove the background but there might be patches here and there and you may have to do some final edits using the eraser camera has you’ll have to use your mouse and slowly trace it and remove any additional background part which is showing up. So the safest thing to do is just make sure your background is well lit up whenever you’re taking any of your whenever you’re clicking any of your picture, and then when you upload it in camera. It will be very easy for Canva to remove the background. And once the background is removed, you can replace that empty space with any background of your choice. And all these backgrounds are whatever background you want. They are also available in Canva. They are non copyright and you can just use whatever background you want. And here is another interesting use of this background remover which I realized.

0:02:33 : See whenever you are looking for a PNG, right, let’s say you’re looking for a company logo you want to use it in your, let’s say Facebook. Facebook. You do get pngs but there are certain company logos. You may not find a PNG file which means you won’t find a logo with a transparent background. So you may have to give this to a professional who knows how to remove a background and such. But what you can do is in Canva using the same feature, just upload this JPEG whatever file you have which already has a background and you want. And if you add this JPEG file into Canva and click on background remover, it will remove the background and keep only the logo file or the text file. Okay. This is a super feature where you can convert your JPEG file to PNG as well. So try that out. There is much more this background remover can do depending on what is that you are trying to do. You can use it very creatively to create some great looking designs as well. Well, that’s about it for today. I thought this is a very useful tip and removing background is something that everybody wants whenever they are creating any design creatives or creating thumbnails.

0:03:47 : So I hope I helped you out and you found a lot of value out of this podcast. And if you did, give me a five star rating and hit the like button. And if you think this podcast was useful and somebody else will find this valuable as well. Please don’t forget to share. I really appreciate that. Okay, so that’s about it. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. This is Santhosh from Learn Create Group Podcast. Have a nice day. Bye.

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