Build a Profitable Business Online which will Give You TRUE FREEDOM

ACCESS the “Internet Abundance Blueprint” where you will Discover the 6 steps to building a Profitable Business Online and GET UNSTUCK. 

Start Part Time or go FULL ON!!

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Regular Price : ₹4499

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What you get :

Internet Abundance Blueprint

Discover the 6 Step Process of Building an “INTERNET ABUNDANCE BUSINESS” Which will give you True Freedom and Life of Abundance.

Exclusive Member Acccess to our own Member Network Feeds and to access your Courses. Access it on your PC or on your Phone anytime anywhere.

Live Q and A Sessions, Training and Workshops every week on new topics around Internet Abundance Business. Success celebrations and Live Audits. 

Clarity and Strategy Call

GET ON A CALL with Santhosh. Get clarity First and then another Stragey call on Building your Online Business

GET PRIVATE ACCESS to the Design Clans Facebook Group, get support and feedbacks from the members of the Clan

GET PHONE UPDATES on New Tutorials, Products, Tools and Podcasts which will help you in your Journey.

Regular Price : ₹4499

Use Coupon “1200OFF” at checkout

This is for YOU if :

Regular Price : ₹4499

Use Coupon “1200OFF” at Checkout!

Meet Santhosh:

Hi there. This is Santhosh Shetty, I am an Ex-Corporate Employee (Quit in 2014) and Ex-Business man(Quit 2020) turned Online  Entrepreneur and the Founder of Design Clans, a Community for People who want to Build a Profitable Online Business

One of the biggest problem I was facing when I was working as an Employee was not having any Time or Money Freedom. Was thanklessly working in a loop every single day without any real direction in life until life slapped me.

That one Slap changed the course of my life from an Employee to an Online  Entrepreneur. I quit being an Employee in August 2014. My war with myself as an Employee was over.

After that I have provided solutions to many businesses in the past 8 years. Right from Branding, Designing, Digital Marketing and Automations. 

Using those Skills I have Created a system which can help you build a Profitablt Online Business. I call  the system as Internet Abundance System. A System which can help you get to TRUE FREEDOM!

I am extremely passinate about helping others succeed. So this Journey of Internet Abundance is all that knowledge, skill and learnings accumulated over the years simplified to get you on the fast track.

Regular Price : ₹4499

Use Coupon “1200OFF” at Checkout!


I want you to have the flexibility of going through the course. So it’s not a Live Class or Workshop. This is a series of Pre Recorded Sessions and Modules you will have Lifetime Access to.

All the information on the Free live workshops and other bonuses will be provided in the member orientation once you log in.

Without upsells and upgrades there wont be a Internet Abundance business So Yes!Towards the end of the Bootcamp there will be a Lifetime Offer Given. You are free to upskill immediately or you can get on a call with me first, Get clarity and then upgrade.

Once you Sign Up you will recieve an email with instructions. If you dont then let me know through Facebook Messenger.

Send an email to support{{at}}designclans{{dot}}com.

It means as Long as My Business Exists You will have Lifetime Access to the Product.

Regular Price : ₹4499

Use Coupon “1200OFF” at Checkout!

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