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Here is a FREE Audio to Text converter AI tool I discovered on the internet when looking for a software to transcribe my Podcasts. Surprisingly it was for FREE and it works really well. Loved the accuracy of it.

This Audio to text converter can be used for transcribing any MP3 or Wav file format. So simply Transcribe any of your audios like your Podcast, Meetings, Interviews. There is no limit on how many audios you want to convert or transcribe. Use it for FREE.

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0:00:01: Hey, what’s up? This is Santhosh Here. And welcome to the Learn Create Group podcast. So in today’s podcast, you’re going to learn how to convert your audio to text and we are going to use AI tool. So before we begin the episode, if you have not done this already, make sure you follow the podcast or subscribe to the podcast from whichever platform you are listening to this on. I create podcast around uncomfortable dedicated designing and marketing and basically on helping people how to grow their business on the internet. So make sure you follow. And if you like this episode and you thought you got a lot of value out of this episode, don’t forget to give me a five star ratings. And if there are no rating concept on the platform you are listening to this on, then just hit like. I’ll really, really appreciate that. All right, so let’s get to the episode.

0:00:47: So there are a lot of AI tools which are coming up nowadays. If you go to Google and just look for AI tools, it will show up so many and chat gpt is one of them which is becoming super popular. I’m getting to hear it every now and then pretty much every day nowadays when I’m going through my social media platforms. In this video, what you are going to learn is about a tool. This is a free AI tool that you can use. You can convert your audio to text.

0:01:18: So if you are a podcaster or if you are somebody who’s into transcription, you transcribe audios. Then this will be of super, super use to you. The name of the tool is called Decipher. It’s not spelled exactly like Decipher. I’ll leave the link in the description. All right. So just go to decipher AI and there is a button there called as Get Started. Click on Get Started and sign up to Decipher. It’s a simple sign up and once you have signed up, you will have an option of uploading your audio.

0:01:51: Now, here is the thing. You can only upload mp3 and wave format right now. So if your podcast or any of your audio is in any other formats, you would not be able to upload it may not transcribe it properly. So make sure it is a wave format or mp3. When I create my podcast, I usually use a wave format because the quality is great. It’s better than mp4 or mp3. So I stick to wave. The file size might be a little bigger compared to mp3 or mp4 format, but that’s okay. It maintains a good quality of the podcast.

0:02:27: So upload your file, the wave file and once it is uploaded, it will do its magic. It will take a few minutes to transcribe your entire audio file. And once that is done, the results that you’re going to get is something amazing. It’s going to summarize your entire audio. It’s going to give you a summary of what the audio is about from a third person perspective, you can say. And it’s also going to give you time stamps of the audio and what you spoke.

0:02:58: Now when you look at the final file, you’ll have an option of downloading it as a text file. When you download it, make sure you do a spell check because there is a possibility that some of the text may not be correct. So make sure you proofread it once. Okay? Also check for grammars and also check for names. If you have an Indian name like me, then it’s going to definitely spell it wrong. So make sure you check it once and do proofread it correctly. And once you have done proofreading, proofreading it.

0:03:34: You can use this transcript anywhere that you want. What I do is once I complete my podcast, I’ll create a transcript of the podcast and I will upload my podcast along with the transcript in my website. So by doing this, it’s also going to help seo because there’s going to be a lot of text and it is good for search engines. And here’s the best part. It’s completely free as of now. At least it’s free to use. So click on the link which is in the description, or copy and paste that link in the address bar.

0:04:12: Save it as a bookmark and transcribe your audio file. So that’s about it for today. If you found it useful and you thought it was valuable, share it with somebody who would find this useful as well. And don’t forget to like or give me a five star rating on whichever platform you are in and follow the Learn, Create, Grow podcast. If you want to find me on social platforms, my username is Design clans. I’ll leave the username in the description as well.

0:04:42: And if you want to join my private group, just look for Design Clans group in Facebook. You’ll find it over there. Send me an invite link. I mean request an invite access. I will send you an invite link. You can join or just join the group. I’ll accept it. Well, that’s about it for today. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. This is Santhosh here. Have a wonderful day. bye. 

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