Learn to Create Professional Designs for any Business in Few MINUTES!

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No Matter What Business You are into,You will ALWAYS need DESIGNS!!

Judging your work


Let Your Customers JUDGE you or Your Business based on Your Designs You have Created.

Wasting Time on Learning


Spending Money and Time on outsourcing Your Designs Every time you need a design.

Spending Money


Wasting your Money and Time learning complicated & Expensive Designing Softwares.

Canva Design on Mobile


Time, Money & Add Additional Income Source by Creating Professional Designs using Simple methods.

WHAT IF you are able to Create DESIGNS Like a PRO, On Demand and in Few Minutes??

Once You Learn Whats INCLUDED in the Bundle You will be able to


LEARN to Create Professional Logos and their 3D Mock Ups for Your or Your Clients : 

  • Brand or Business.
  • Clients.
  • Courses.
  • Presentation Titles.
  • Physical and Digital. Products.
  • Podcasts and Streams.


LEARN to Create Brand Identities for Your or Your Clients Business :

  • Create Business Card in Few Minutes.
  • Create Letterhead Few Minutes.
  • Discover the Brand Identity Designing Process when you have to Design from Scratch.
  • Create 3D Mockups of Your Brand Identity Designs in Few Clicks.
Brand Identiy Mockup
Ebook Covers


LEARN to Create Books Covers and E-Book Covers :

  • Create E-Book Covers for Your Online E-Books.
  • Create Books Covers for Printing.
  • Create E-Book covers for Online PDF.
  • Create 3D Mock ups of you E-Book and Book Covers in Few Minutes.


LEARN to Create Flyers, Brochures or Catalogues in few minutes:

  • Create Single Side Flyers.
  • Create Bi-Fold Brochures.
  • Learn to design Tri-Fold Brochures.
  • Create 3D Mock up of Your Brochure Designs.
Tri Fold Brochures


LEARN to Create Videos and Video Clips.

  • Create Video Ads.
  • Capture Screen , connect your Cam and Create Tutorials.
  • Create Intro and Outro Videos.
  • Create Promo Ads in Minutes.


LEARN to Create Professional Designs for your Social Profiles.

  • Create Catchy Profile Images
  • Create Covers which look great in Multiple Devices even if the platform Crops it.
  • Create Posts and Schedule it across Platforms
  • Request for Designs in Design Lab.

And MORE All you Got to do is ASK for Tutorials of You Choice using the Design Request Form… 

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Canva Design Mastery Pack is perfect for…


Create Beautiful PROFESSIONAL Designs for Your Brand or Business in Minutes


Create MORE Designs in Less Time. Add More Projects and Increase Your Income


Create BEAUTIFUL Course Covers, Training Presentations and E-Books.



Make Your Social Media Posts, Cover Images and Videos STAND OUT…


Design Your Funnels, Create CATCHY Ad Creatives and Banners to Capture Leads and Sales.


Add ADDITIONAL INCOME SOURCE of  by taking up Design Projects online and Offline


DESIGN Guides, Training materials, Handouts, Presentations to Students and Colleagues.


Social Media Managers

Bulk Create Posts, Create Social Media Designs, and Schedule Content for MULTIPLE Platforms.

Requiring Designs for Your Work or Business is NEVER going to be a One Time Requirement.

Equip Yourself with Uncomplicated Designing Skills.

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When You Enroll TODAY You Get..


Canva Designing Mastery GREY



LIFETIME ACCESS to Canva Designing Mastery Course with Santhosh and any updates done on it.

  • Over the Shoulder Step by STEP Walkthroughs.
  • Latest Canva Features and How to use them.
  • How to Master the Two Dashboards.
  • How to Effectively use the Tools in Canva
  • How to get Non Copyright resources like Images, Video Footages, Animations, Graphics and Audios.
  • How to Create stunning Design Creatives for You Business.
  • How to Create 3D Mockup of Your Designs.
  • Income Opportunities through Canva.
  • Q and A | Update Requests | Design Requests.
  • And More…
“The ONLY tool you will ever need to create Designs Faster and Better:


Module 1 – Why Canva as an Uncomplicated Tool.

Module 2 – How to Sign Up to Canva.

Module 3 – Install Apps for PC and Phone.

Module 4 – Birds Eye View of the Two Canva Dashboards

Module 5 – Configure Your Canva Account

Module 1 – Explore Design Templates and Discover some Cool Features.

Module 2 – Accessing and Effectively Organizing Design Projects.

Module 3 – Creating Your Own Brand kit.

Module 4 – Planning and Scheduling Content.

Module 5 – Income Opportunities Through Canva.

Module 6 – Discover some Cool Apps for Business.

Module 1 – Preparing Your Design Canvas.

Module 2 – Easily Resize Design Creative.

Module 3 – Adding Backgrounds to Design Canvas.

Module 4 – Understanding Layers and Alignment.

Module 5 – Sharing and Publishing Options.

Module 6 – Working with Texts.

Module 7 – Working with Lines and Shapes.

Module 8 – Working with Images.

Module 9 – Working with Graphics and Animations.

Module 1 – Creating Design Mock Ups.

Module 2 – Exploring Some Cool Apps in Canva.

Module 3 – Camera and Screen Capture.

Module 4 – Final Thoughts and What Next.




LIFETIME ACCESS to Over the Shoulder Walkthroughs on How to CREATE various designs in Canva.

  • Learn the Designing Process by Watching,
  • Follow it, Innovate and Create Your OWN process.
  • Ask for New Design Tutorials and Experiments.
  • Q and A | Update Requests | Design Requests.
  • And More…


Module 1 – Welcome to Canva Design Lab with Santhosh

  1. Creating Business Card from a Template and Creating a 3D Mock up
  2. Design Professional Business cards from Scratch and create its 3D Mockups
  3. Creating Letterhead from Templates and Creating its 3D Mockup
  4. Creating Letterhead from Scratch and Creating its 3D Mockup
  5. Designing an E-Book Cover from Template with 3D Mockup
  6. Designing an E-Book Cover from Scratch with 3D Mockup
  7. Designing a Brochure and its 3D Mockup
  8. Two Ways to Create Logo using Canva and Design its Mock Up
  9. Designing Social Media Posts
  10. Designing Professional Business Presentation and Ways of Presenting it
  11. Creating Video Clips for Intros and Marketing
  12. Creating GIF for Ads and Promotions Online
  13. Creating a Vintage Photo Effect
  14. AI Artwork in Canva
  15. Creating Retro Effects
  16. Social Media Profile Images 2023
  17. Sliced Text effect using Canva [Use in Ads and Posts]




LIFETIME ACCESS to Over the Shoulder Walkthroughs on How to CREATE Designs for  Social Media Platforms.

  • Create Stunning Profile Images.
  • Create Cover Photos which are Marketing Ready.
  • Make sure Profile Page Looks good in Phones, Tabs, Laptop and PC.
  • Request New Designs whenever there is a interface change in Social Platforms.
  • Q and A | Update Requests | Design RequestS.
  • And More…


Module 1 – Welcome to Social Media Designs with Santhosh

Module 1 – Create a Professional Profile Image.

Module 2 – Create a Facebook Cover which Looks Great on All Devices.

Module 3 – Create an Awesome looking Group Cover for Your Private Community. 

Module 4 – Create a Beautiful Facebook Post. 

Module 5 – Create a Marketing Ready Event Cover for Any Event.

Module 1 – Create a Professional Profile Image for Instagram.

Module 2 – Create Story Highlight Icon Graphics.

Module 3 – Create Creating Reel Cover Images that fits across Device. 

Module 4 – Create Instagram Guide Covers that Look good in all devices.

Module 1 – Intro and Designing a Profile Image.

Module 2 – Designing a Responsive Twitter header or Cover.

Module 3 – How to Design a Image Post in Twitter

Module 1 – Intro and Designing a Professional Profile Image.

Module 2 – Creating a Professional Responsive Linkedin Banner.

Module 3 – Designing a Post Image in Linkedin

Module 1 – Intro and Designing a Professional Profile Image

Module 2 – Responsive YouTube Channel Art or Banner

Module 3 – Designing a Video Thumbnail

17497 ₹


When You Enroll Today You ONLY Pay 17497 INR 999 INR!!!

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Private Access to

  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Access Free Tutorials and Content.
  • Interact with Like Minded Entrepreneurs.
  • Share Your Designs and Creations for Feedback and Inspirations.
  • Get Motivated and Motivate Others with Your Stories and Posts.


Get Exclusive Access to

  • Design Clans Member Platform to Access Your Courses Online from Any Device.
  • Get Access to Live Q and A calls,
  • Get Access to Live Training/Workshops online.


I want to help you make your decision easy and RISK FREE.. 

Due to the nature of the business and the immediate access you get to the products on Purchase I am adding a Generous 7 DAY Refund Policy from the Date of Purchase. 

Send me an email at support@designclans.com or message me on Facebook with the reason. I will refund 100% of your money back.

Hoping it never comes to this as I am here to Help You, Serve You and build a Long Term Relationship with You in Design Clans.

Making it RISK FREE for YOU…Sounds good!!

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This Price is going to Change without Notice SOON!!!. So while it Lasts CLAIM OFFER NOW


I want you to have the flexibility of going through the course at your own pace and Time. So it’s not a Live Class or Workshop. This is a series of Pre Recorded Sessions and Modules you will have Lifetime Access to.

This is a One Time Payment and does not include any additional fees Except maybe Government Taxes(GST) depending on where you are located.

Once you Enroll you will  receive an email with instructions on How to Login to the Private members only Area. All Your enrolled Packs and Courses will be listed here.

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